Shreeneel Chemicals has a strong commitment to produce pharmaceutical products of the highest quality while operating in a safe and environment-friendly manner.
To fulfill the above commitment, the organization:
  • Follows the pharmaceutical industry standards of quality by using process approach and appropriate systems of production, storage, distribution, quality control and quality assurance.

  • Integrates quality, health & safety and environmental management system into business operations to enhance customer satisfaction, prevent health & safety risks and promote protection of environment including prevention of pollution.

  • Adopts efficient techniques to manage (eliminate/reduce) health, safety and environmental risks involved in various operations by sustainable use of resources.

  • Promotes health, safety and environmental awareness among its employees with their consultation and participation.

  • Promotes health, safety and environmental awareness among external providers (suppliers, contractors and sub-contractors) and affiliated parties for compliance of the system.

  • Complies with the applicable national and international laws, standards and requirements of quality, health, safety and environment and safeguards the interest of all the stakeholders by acting in a responsible manner.

  • Makes continual efforts by establishing objectives to enhance quality, environment, and health & safety systems by improving customer satisfaction, preventing incidents (near-misses, injury, ill-health & accidents), protecting environment including prevention of pollution, team work and human resource development.